Back To School Shopping Is Not Just For School Girls

September 19, 2009

Many Americans associate September with the start of the NFL season. This may be true but more importantly, it’s the start of the SHOPPING season! Don’t blame me, we’re practically raised to associate this time of year with shopping. I feel like just yesterday my mom was taking me to the mall for my cool new back to school looks. So maybe I’ve been out of school longer than I would like to admit. Does that mean I don’t deserve a major overhaul in my closet so I can step out feeling like I can take on a new “year”?

I just want to wear my new boots, mini sweater dresses with tights, and leather jackets, but thanks to the “Santa Anna’s” it’s still too hot. How much longer does a girl have to wait to wear her grey suede over-the-knee boots? I’m certainly not going to risk passing out from overheating even if it is a great way to meet a fireman.

Instead, I grab my favorite ankle booties and a cute new outfit like this from Myne. The Apple Skirt and Ruby Tank will look absolutely fabulous and a surefire way to get asked to Homecoming. Oh wait, I meant “asked to Wine Steals“.

I see no other way to sign off from this post than with quoting Grease:

RIZZO Oh, God.
[sighs] Well, here we are again.
MARTY Yeah, but this time we’re seniors.
RIZZO And we’re going to rule the school!


One Response to “Back To School Shopping Is Not Just For School Girls”

  1. Chanelle Says:

    Karissa – You are hysterical. I love the grown up references to fall’s celebrations. I want to know why can’t we have ‘back to school shopping’ for grown-ups? We can call it, back to work shopping, yeah!

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