Come on by!  We are here till 9pm on 12/3.  Lots of deals and steals…PLUS ROBYN RHODES is back!  Robyn Rhodes is the perfect solution for any type of holiday gift for the women you love.  Robyn Rhodes is great for the moms, daughters, sisters, best friends, girl friends, wives, secret lovers, really any woman you know would love something from Robyn.



October 17, 2009

The Raven dress by Myne…what can I say besides “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!”  It’s so sexy and sophisticated.  Stylish and chic.  It’s a modern day version of what the sexy vixens, Alexis, Krystal, and Fallon, of Dynasty circa 1980’s would kill for!  The color, the silk fabric, the cut, the gold and black buttons…it just doesn’t get any better.   Put some tights and ankle boots and it’s great for winter.  Show some leg and throw on a pair of sandals and it’s great for summer.  This dress goes a long way and thank God because I don’t have the spending cash those ladies had but I still want to look like I do.Raven by Myne

Like Totally…2009

September 30, 2009

Of course I love and miss the 80’s…cruising around with my babysitter in her new Ford Probe, Prince hits screaming out of my ghettoblaster, and working so hard on my new backward skating moves for Skate Way.   Ok, so I don’t miss my giant bangs and burning my head with my curling iron at all.  And I certainly don’t want to wear a tie-dye t-shirt with a hyper-color graphic on the front, but a lot of the 80’s style was done oh so right.

Thankfully we have amazing designers like Brigid Catiis to bring back the best of that decade.  And even better, you can come to Milk & Honey to get it!  Brigid Catiis launched in April 08′ and is blowing up (check out what The Daily Candy wrote about her recently).  Each collection is made from recycled, reclaimed or sustainable fabrics.  To create one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces, fabrics are hand-picked, individually cut and sewn, and made with love in Los Angeles.

The fall collection is 80’s done now.  The Side Tail Tank with leather trimmed front panel and Tie-Dye Tank made from super soft burn out jersey with a leather trimmed pocket are clearly show stoppers in this collection.  Keep up the totally awesome designs BC!

Brigid Catiis side tail tank

Brigid Catiis tie-dye tank

Collina Strada

September 24, 2009

We just got our first Collina Strada shipment today.  These handbags are truly amazing.  Handcrafted in Morocco, Collina Strada strives to reduce their carbon footprint in the fashion world.  By creating an eco-conscious collection made of organic canvas and vegetable dyed leathers, this up and coming line isn’t going anywhere.  Collina Strada creates fashionable, unique and green friendly handbags that bring environmental awareness through style.  Collina Strada was recently featured in Daily Candy.  The designer, Hillary Taymour, is a LA native and a fellow FIDM Alumni.

Ferra Bag

Ferra Bag

Many Americans associate September with the start of the NFL season. This may be true but more importantly, it’s the start of the SHOPPING season! Don’t blame me, we’re practically raised to associate this time of year with shopping. I feel like just yesterday my mom was taking me to the mall for my cool new back to school looks. So maybe I’ve been out of school longer than I would like to admit. Does that mean I don’t deserve a major overhaul in my closet so I can step out feeling like I can take on a new “year”?

I just want to wear my new boots, mini sweater dresses with tights, and leather jackets, but thanks to the “Santa Anna’s” it’s still too hot. How much longer does a girl have to wait to wear her grey suede over-the-knee boots? I’m certainly not going to risk passing out from overheating even if it is a great way to meet a fireman.

Instead, I grab my favorite ankle booties and a cute new outfit like this from Myne. The Apple Skirt and Ruby Tank will look absolutely fabulous and a surefire way to get asked to Homecoming. Oh wait, I meant “asked to Wine Steals“.

I see no other way to sign off from this post than with quoting Grease:

RIZZO Oh, God.
[sighs] Well, here we are again.
MARTY Yeah, but this time we’re seniors.
RIZZO And we’re going to rule the school!


August 7, 2009

Finally!!!  Milk & Honey is now available on line.  The webstore should be an easy shopping experience for you.  It works like Itunes…you can click and drag items to your shopping cart or wish list.  Please don’t hesitate to email or call with any questions.

New items will be added as product comes in so check back often as we get new styles every month.  Happy shopping my fashionistas!


May 28, 2009

Hang in there everyone! We will have our online store up and running soon. Everyone loves to shop from their couch, bed or even office (don’t worry, we won’t tell on you). We want to accommodate. Unfortunately it takes a little time to do it right. We promise it will be worth the wait.

Milk & Honey